Things to Do

The county has been hard at work developing bicycle trails and routes to connect to area communities. Careful on the roads during the summer! Occasionally people stop through while riding cross country as well.

The bait shop in Sayner supposedly rents bicycles but we do not have contact information or a link to provide you.

Plum Lake Bicycle Trail Map

There are numerous campgrounds in the area with beautiful sites. There are even a few remote sites as well as a private campground in the area.

Please refer to this link for campground maps and general information on the state campgrounds:

You can now check campground availability in the Northern Highland American Legion State Forest

Where: Private Campground - Deerfoot, Public Campground - Star Lake East, Public Campground - Razorback Lake, Public Campground - Plum Lake, Public Campground - Star Lake West

There are groomed trails in the area. Area lakes provide great opportunities as well. Many locals "groom" their own trails by repeatedly skiing over them.

It is hard to beat the fall colors during the peak season. Driving down Highway K provides one of the best fall color palettes anywhere.

There are numerous lakes in the area as well as local guides happy to take to out to catch that once in a lifetime fish. Numerous species abound.

There are over 300 geocache nodes located with the Star Lake area. In case you are not familiar with that term, geocaching involves using a GPS to find hidden items in the woods and then you leave a note or an item behind for the next person to find. It can be a lot of fun and is a good way to get to see some of the beautiful wilderness.

Geocache sites in the area

There are numerous golf courses in the area.

There are numerous nature trails and areas to go hiking. The interpretive trail in Star Lake has a rich history and is a great walk.

Where: Star Lake Interpretive Trail, Lake Laura Hardwoods State Natural Area

White-tailed Deer, Bear, Coyote, Small Game Hunting and Grouse are just some of the opportunities available.

The area lakes provide numerous opportunities for kayaking. It is hard to beat taking a paddle around Star Lake.

Perhaps you haven't come across one yet, but people paddle calmly on a stand up board. They are becoming popular.

There is nothing like riding the wind across the lake. There is an annual sailing race that takes place on Star Lake which is ran by the Star Lake Yacht Club. Whether you sail a sunfish or an olympic class boat, a sailboat is a welcome site across any lake.

There are all sorts of places to open your wallet.

Where: Star Lake Store, Old Milltown Depot

There are all sorts of historic places to visit in the area.

Where: Vilas County Historical Museum, Star Lake Cemetery, Fredrickson Minnow Stand, Old Milltown Depot

During the winter months, as long as the snow conditions are right, the woods are buzzing with the sound of snowmobiles. The trails are maintained by local snowmobile clubs.

You can't beat the clean and crystal clear water of our area lakes. There are numerous beaches and parks available to the public.

Where: Old Mill Site Centennial Park, Star Lake Interpretive Trail

The Northwoods is well known for water skiing.  Wakeboards, air chairs, tubes and all sorts of devices and people get pulled behind boats.

Make sure to check out the free water ski show provided by the Plum Ski-ters on nearby Plum Lake

Where: Statehouse Point